10 out of 12 s/t cover

Player Piano - s/t
(Sunset Alliance)

I'd seen the Player Piano live several times before hearing their self titled debut, and had been more than impressed with their live shows. I have to admit that I was skeptical that the CD could reproduce the beauty of their live performances. If you looked at my score at the top of the review you'd know that it has. This is a beautiful album. I'd only known The Player Piano as an instrumental band so when I put in the CD and heard the vocals on the first track, "Scanning Faces," I was pleasantly surprised. It was a nice dash of flavor on top of an already tasty song. The album remains largely instrumental with a couple of vocal splashes here and there. My biggest complaint with most instrumental bands is that they lack a strong enough melody to hold my interest. Not the case with The Player Piano, the two guitars play off of each creating melody lines the weave in and out and always keep your attention. The Player Piano also has really interesting dynamic, tempo, and rhythm changes that really draw you into the song. Another interesting element on the record was the addition of Rob Bird on keys. His parts really add texture and contrast the pretty guitar melodies. I definitely recommend picking this album up. I would hurry too. The first 1000 CDs printed come with really cool dye cut cardboard inserts.

wade chamberlain
2002 nov 1